Gold Medal Moves: Meet the family

KHQA is proud to support a Quincy Medical Group Gold Medal Moves family.

Julie and Dana Herring and Katrina Kroeger are three sisters who are looking to make some changes in their lives.

We caught up with them this morning as they began their road to weigh loss.

"I kind of knew but Julie had mentioned something that, oh, maybe mom will enter us, but I didn't know for sure and then I got a text at work Thursday morning saying we had won, so I was really excited," said Katrina Kroeger.

And it was in fact, thanks to their mom.

"We had actually signed up for Gold Medal Moves before we found out we won, or knew that mom had nominated us," said Julie Herring.

Katrina, Julie, and Dana share more than just their genes.

"I'm looking forward to trying Zumba because I've heard a lot about that, and I haven't had a chance to try that yet," said Julie.

"I'm excited to take Zumba. I've heard a lot about Zumba. That and swimming, I like to swim," said Katrina.

They also share fitness goals.

"I just wanted to get healthier, wanted to have more energy," said Dana Herring.

"To get healthy," said Katrina.

"My plan was just to get healthy again. I kind of stopped doing things I needed to do and I thought this would be a perfect motivating factor," said Julie.

"We've always wanted to do something to get motivated and we talk about it every January first, and then we might talk about it a lot, but we've never actually gotten out there. We thought this would be a perfect way to do it and keep us motivated," said Katrina.

"We do a lot of things together now, and it's just a matter of making exercise and eating healthy a priority. We've talked about it. I think we're ready to do it and we're excited about it," said Dana.

The sisters will have access to a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and all of the training facilities.