Going Red at WIU

Ladies in red flocked to Knoblauch Hall Friday at Western Illinois University.

They were celebrating national Go Red Day with their annual heart healthy luncheon.

"A heart attack really brings you around and makes you realize that it really is important...all these facts," said Dianna Clark.

Dianna Clark is a heart attack survivor.

She spoke at Western Illinois annual Go Red luncheon.

"And a lot of people don't really really understand that heart attack is the number one killer so this will get the message out and very possibly, probably save some women in the future," she said.

The third annual luncheon was a part of the American Heart Associations promotion for the heart health month of February.

It was a way to inform women on risk factors for heart disease and to show them cooking a delicious meal can be healthy too...especially for young women.

"I feel like it's our duty to do what we can to spread information and educate people that if you improve your health now by having a good diet you can prevent heart disease in the future," said Diana Nichols a WIU dietetics student.

"Because the earlier you are aware of the risk factors the earlier you can adjust and reduce your chances of having a heart attack," said Dianna Clark.

While events like this are used to inform young women on health heart habits health educators say no matter what age you are you can always turn your health around.

"It is the younger the better and at the same time I say it's never to late because we can all make changes where ever we are as we become aware," said JoAnn Hairston-Jones, health educator at Beu Health Center.

Organizers of the luncheon say it's important to know your risk factors, cholesterol numbers and to increase exercise to help avoid heart disease.

The first Friday of February every year is national Go Red Day

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