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      Going "Krazy" for cake at JWCC

      Creating your own creative cakes takes practice and know-how. This spring, the tricks of the trade are up for grabs at John Wood Community College as part of its newest line of community education courses.

      The new classes called 'Krazy Cakes Basics' and 'Fondant Fanatics' will be taught by Krazy Cakes owner Amber Martin of Quincy.

      Martin began decorating cakes several years ago out of her home. After opening her own bakery called Krazy Cakes in downtown Quincy two years ago, this self-taught cake connoisseur says there are a few tips that can make or break your creation.

      The first is in the frosting.

      "Use real butter," Martin said. "If you use margarine or Crisco you'll be disappointed with your product." Click here to watch Martin explain how to make buttercream frosting on KHQA This Morning.

      Another tip, don't skimp on the sweet stuff. Also, when you're smoothing out your frosting, Martin says it never hurts to heat things up.

      "A metal spatula and heat are your very best friends to make sure that it's the smoothest and flattest that it can be," Martin said. Click here to watch Martin put those smoothing secrets to good use on KHQA This Morning.

      Buttercream icing aside, intricate creations are normally made from fondant. Martin says there's a special secret to how you get it to look smooth.

      "We use corn starch," Martin said. "It doesn't absorb into the fondant and helps make it into a pliable substance and makes it smooth." Click here to watch Martin put those smoothing secrets to good use on KHQA This Morning.

      Click here to watch Martin put the finishing touches to her fondant cake.

      Tips like this are just a a small portion of new community education courses at John Wood Community College.

      'Krazy Cakes Basics' will be offered from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday, January 28 through February 25.

      Krazy Cakes owner Amber Martin will teach the class, taking you through the basic essentials of cake decorating. Other topics include recipes and bakery fresh secrets.

      The class 'Fondant Fanatics' will be offered from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday March 4 to April 1.

      Martin will also teach this class taking students through the wonders of fondant for a smoothly covered cake. Students will also learn to create faux finishes and creative masterpieces to wow guests. Participants must have completed Krazy Cakes Basics or have general knowledge of buttercream cakes.

      You can register online here or call 217-641-4905.