God's Way Homeless Shelter in Keokuk providing options

A long-time Keokuk homeless shelter is giving families a place to make a fresh start for more than just a few days at a time.

"God's Way Homeless Shelter" has been a part of the southeast Iowa community for more than a decade.

Nila Jobe spearheaded the effort to help the homeless for the past several years. The church groups purchased the home for $1 from the City of Keokuk.

Victora, a young woman who asked that went not use her last name, and her children live at the new extended-stay home. She said by being able to move into a house she can provide a more stable living situation for her family.

"It's given me solid ground to stand on, versus what I was standing on which was nothing," the woman said. "And it's given me somewhere to build that's solid like God's love."

Jobe, who is the outgoing chairwoman of the committee, said it's been a long journey to get the house renovated and ready for a family to move in. She said the organization's other shelters provide accommodations for men and women and now by providing this new home, they can also help families.

"We want to create a family environment,because this this is what families need," Jobe said. "They need to be able to learn to live together in a healthy normal environment."

Victoria and Jobe said they feel this type of program will only be a positive for the area.

They said it helps families who are on the edge or who have lost their home and who might be struggling with trying to find a stable environment for themselves and their family.