God's little angels offer hope

National SHARE office Angel of Hope garden at St. Charles, Mo.

â??It dawned on me that Iâ??m supposed to help other people who are going through this.â?? --Tori Greving, mother of Madelynn, who died in her motherâ??s womb at 37½ weeks pregnant.

The response to recent columns focusing on the grief of miscarriage, stillbirth and early infant death has been enormous. Scores of women shared their own stories, or said they just couldnâ??t imagine such a loss.

Tori has lost three children to miscarriage. She has two other children and she's six months pregnant. Her experiences motivated her to do something to help. Tori visited a

park in St. Charles

where a statue is dedicated as a symbol of hope to all people who have lost a child. She attended a memorial service there where families lit candles to remember their loved ones.

â??The first time we went there it hit me that other people had been through this. You feel so alone for awhile, and then you see other people have been there too. Itâ??s just a healing thing,â?? she told me.

Thatâ??s when Tori started her efforts to bring an Angel of Hope statue to Flower City Park in Palmyra. After several years of fundraisers, her group is about half-way to its goal of raising $14,500 for the memorial. A majority of the remaining cost Tori hopes to earn by selling memorial bricks. These solid granite stones are engraved with a personal message.

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The fundraising effort has brought together other families who have lost loved ones. People like the Herold family of Palmyra whose daughter Savanah Marie died at six days old.

â??It lets you know youâ??re not alone. I carry a lot of it by myself. Sometimes I talk about it, sometimes I donâ??t, but when I need to, I have a place to go,â?? Savanahâ??s mother Angela Herold told me.

You can read her story here


The Angel of Hope originally started with a group called


, which offers pregnancy and infancy loss support.

A chapter meets in Quincy

. The Quincy SHARE group and the people behind the Angel of Hope efforts expand their focus to include all people whoâ??ve lost children, no matter the age.

Weâ??ll leave our final words on the grief of losing a child for Lisa.

Her story

of burying seven miscarried children started this series and the offer of healing hope.

â??If someone offers help, take it, donâ??t push it away. If you need help, ask for it â?¦ I feel better knowing that when I die, Iâ??m going to see my children again.â??

Take care ~Sarah D.