Go West could soon be watching

Macomb aldermen have now endorsed a plan to buy camera systems for 30 Go West buses.

Camera's could now be headed to a local transit system.

Some Macomb aldermen are now supporting a plan to buy cameras for 30 Go West buses.

The buses would be equipped with eight cameras and smaller buses with five.

Jude Kiah the director of Go West says the video recordings would be used for training and review purposes on safety and behavior.

"Some camera will be looking outside so we can monitor traffic," he said. "And if there's an incident we have record of it. It helps us train better and helps us to be safer."

A $120,000 state grant will pay for the new system.

"We were able to add some features including more cameras for buses and automatic WiFi which links to monitors at the transit system," Kiah said.

A bid from Gatekeeper Systems of British Columbia has already been accepted.

The full city council will take a final vote on the issue Monday.

If it passes then IDOT will have to approve the plan.

Kiah says he hopes to install some of the cameras by this fall.

Go West is in the process of buying nine new buses.

Cameras are expected to be installed on those by the end of the year.