Go fly a kite!

In this day of video games, computers, smart phones etc. ad nauseum, it's nice to remember the simple pleasures in life. Our family took advantage of the cooler, windy weather and went to fly kites. Good grief I had forgotten how much fun it is!

Our first foray took us to the park for a picnic and some kite flying. We ran our tails off, but didn't have much luck getting our kites in the air. Late in the afternoon, we tried again in an enormous open lot by our house. Our dollar-store kites took off like wildfire.

Flying a kite is both calming and exhilarating. You can't help but smile seeing a kite waving in the air. A neighbor down the road spotted our kites flapping in the wind and stopped by to watch. He reminisced about his childhood of kite flying, offered some advice to the girls while hollering "run!!"

Our two-year old lost her grip on a kite. The kids tore out after it, but the string got stuck in a tree. That left Barbie dancing merrily over a neighbor's house. The owner came out and with my husband, they staged a daring rescue mission while we cheered. The neighbor smiled and said, "I wish my wife were here to see this."

When we wound up the string and carted our kites home, it was late and dinner was overdone. The house was a wreck and we couldn't have been happier.

Take care~Sarah