Go away baby belly fat!

Labor is over and your baby is here ... but unfortunately so is your baby belly fat. How do you get rid of it? Here's the key from Angie Asmann, a physical trainer and co-owner of NuFIT in Quincy.

Asmann said, "Think progress not perfection ... so every day do something to make yourself healthy and fit for the future. Over time you'll get it back."

She says it's a three pronged approach. And the good news is you've heard it all before because it's also what everyone should do if they're trying to shed the pounds.

The first is nutrition. What you put in your mouth needs to be healthy and the right amount of calories.

Second - cardiovascular exercises like walking and rowing. Those are activities that get your heart going and burn calories and fat. And the key is to find something you enjoy.

Asmann said, "If you don't like it even a little bit you're not going to do it so find something you enjoy whether its walking or running if you like it or rowing."

Third is strength training. That creates long lean muscles, and also helps burn calories. Asmann recommends Pilates since it focuses on developing strength and flexibility in the core area.

If you're like me, I've been trying to get rid of the baby belly with sit-ups, but Asmann says that's not as effective as you might think.

Asmann said, "Everybody has a six pack, but most of us have it underneath of a marshmallow of fat. So you'll never see it. You can do a hundred crunches a day but if you have that fat on top you'll never see it. That's why you need good nutrition and cardio to burn it off so you can show it off." So if you have a choice between one hundred crunches and a 10 or 15 minute walk - walk"

The key is perspective and don't get down on yourself.

Asmann said, "Here's the thing, your body just went through a huge transformation and created something really wonderful. As you get back in shape after pregnancy it's going to take time. It's not going to be a month, not even two months, more like 9 months."

For some, the hardest part may just be beginning. When new moms or dads care for their new baby, they have to find time for themselves to exercise. Try walking ... something you can do together.

Experts say parenting is all about modeling behaviors, so the time devoted to your health is the best example your child can get.

Another good tip - ask for help.

Asmann says consider talking to a dietician to determine the number of calories you can take in.

Also consider a physical trainer to put you on an exercise plan.

If you're on a budget ... get a friend.

Support like this keeps you accountable during times you get lazy.