GM recall affects local woman

General Motors announced 11 recalls in May 2014. Recalls have included late model vehicles like 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 pickups, and also some that are no longer made like Saturn.

One Tri-State woman has mixed reviews on her Saturn.

"Yes, I do like it, it's a small car and I enjoy being able to park in small places," Saturn Ion owner Connie Ross said. Ross has owned her car since 2007.

While her car gives her great joy, it also gives her great headaches.

Ross received her fourth recall letter.

"Been getting letters in the mail saying that I had a recall and the starter needed to be fixed," Ross said.

GM announced a recall of 2.6 million cars to fix a defective ignition switch.

Ross received her first recall letter months ago and her car still hasn't been fixed.

That is because she is on a waiting list along with a couple of million people.

A local dealership says the process is lengthy.

"There's 2.4 or 2 plus million cars everybody wanting the exact same thing at the exact same time and whoever is producing them can't do them that fast so that's why there is a delay," Peter Heaton, owner of Heaton Chevrolet, said.

Heaton and GM says there are things people can do to reduce the risk until their car is fixed.

One is to reduce the weight on your key chains.

Ross says she's followed all of their suggestions but some fear still lingers.

"But there's always that thought in the back of your mind, if you are passing somebody and my starter goes out, I have no control over this car,â?? Ross said.

Ross is going to keep driving her car. She keeps an explanation letter in the passenger seat which says how hard she has tried to get her car fixed ... just in case anything goes wrong.

Ross is on the recall list to have her Saturn Ion fixed. Heaton Chevrolet told KHQA the average time to fix a recall is at least a month.