Girls Scouts of Central Illinois to close Wildwood Camp

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Wildwood Girl Scout Camp in Mt. Sterling will close by 2012.

It's among several properties Girl Scouts of Central Illinois plans to sell as part of a 10-year property plan.

KHQA's Rajah Maples spoke with a member of the board of directors about that plan Wednesday afternoon.

During the past 13 months, the Girls Scouts organization evaluated its properties, talked with the girls about what kinds of activities they wanted and developed a long-range plan.

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois plans to buy and create program centers in Quincy and other areas across Central Illinois to be used for troop activities.

Nora Baldner serves on the Board of Directors and said the decision was difficult.

She said, "I t's a beautiful piece of property, and it has a lot of memories for a lot of girls. But the reality is, usage has been way down and the numbers are way down. Camps overall in the whole council, 4 percent of the membership goes to residential camp. That's a very, very low number."

You can find more information, including a timeline on the 10-year property plan on our Web site at and

You also can attend a meeting about that plan this Monday night at 5:30 the Girls Scouts' regional office in Quincy on Lake Centre Drive