Girl Scouts will extend the selling season


Girls Scouts of Central Illinois

are extending their cookie-selling season because of the region's cold winter.

Cassi Heaston of Troop 5070 is what you would call a "super seller" of Girl Scout cookies.

In her first year in Girl Scouts, she was breaking records. She sold 1,524 boxes of cookies in 2013. But she and her other troop members are having bit of trouble selling those famous cookies this year.

"It's been so cold she isn't able to go door to door like she normally use to, so we don't hit as many houses. We have not gone door to door this year because of that," Angela Heaston, Cassi's mom said.

The troop thought of other ways to sell those


"The places we have been have allowed us to be inside selling cookies," Kimberly Schutte, the leader of Troop 5070 said.

Cassi's goal this year is to top her numbers from last year, and she's in luck.

â??I want to sell more boxes of cookies this year,â?? Cassi said.

The Girl Scouts of Central Illinois has extended its cookie selling season until April 10, 2014.

That means you can hear Cassi and her sales pitches just a little while longer.

"Five for twenty!"

Or if you are on your diet ...

"You can have them on your cheat day!" says Cassi as she laughs.

Cassi says she likes being a Girl Scout because she makes new friends and learns lessons.

Her mother adds ...

"She knows when she has a goal that it takes hard work and dedication to make her hit those goals," Heaston said.

Cassi says she is not afraid of hard work and hopes the extended season will help her sell more cookies again this year.

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