Girl Scouts say good-bye to Wildwood

About a year ago, Girl Scouts of Central Illinois announced they would be closing the Wildwood Girl Scout Center in Mt. Sterling.

Saturday, more than 40 years of Girl Scouts celebrated their memories.

"This is a gorgeous piece of property, there is no arguing that fact and so it was a little sad making that drive up here today just wondering if this would be the last time that we would have this visit," said CEO Pam Kovacevich.

That's a feeling that most people felt as they made their way around Wildwood's lodge, looking at photographs and things pulled from a 22 year old time capsule. Girlscout troop 5126 out of Brown County performed the last Opening Flag ceremony, pledge of allegiance, and Girl Scout Honor.

"Wildwood has been a focus of our outdoor education for a long time so a lot of our environmental education and outdoor activities took place here. Of course, the most important things to take place here were our summer camp activities that we held every year," PR Specialist Erica Douglas said.

Several people spoke about their memories at Wildwood. But perhaps the most emotional part of the ceremony was honoring the Drake family. They've been a part of Wildwood Camp since the beginning, taking care of all of the visitors and the property.

"It's been a happy experience out here. Really enjoyed every minute of it ... We have met so many nice people and that's just something you never forget," said Wildwood's Mom Carolyn Drake.

And just like with every other Girl Scout meeting, Troop 5126 led the group in the Closing Flag Ceremony... For the last time at Wildwood.

Instead of going to Wildwood for camp, the girls will go to a camp in Metamora which is just outside of Peoria, Illinois.

They are still in the very early stages of selecting a marketing partner for the property.