Girl Scouts new home up for debate

3rd Ward Alderman Kyle Moore moved to table Girl Scout camp issue.

The Girl Scouts will not know the outcome of their proposed new campsite for at least two more weeks.

The issue was tabled at the Monday, June 18th Quincy City Council meeting.

The Girl Scouts are in their final stages of purchasing property on the east side of Quincy for new facilities, including a campsite. While the city's planning commission recommended approval of the project, neighbors concerns are holding the city council back.

"There is a lot of concern about traffic. There are concerns about if the land is even good for the use. And also, a lot of houses overlook the campsite so I know there is some concern about that," explained 3rd Ward Alderman Kyle Moore who moved to table the issue.

The Girl Scouts are in need of a new facility after the sale of the Wildwood Girl Scout Center in Mount Sterling, Il, but the proposed new location inside Hickory Grove subdivision has some some homeowners worried about the campsite portion of the plans.

"The issue is can they have overnight guests, the issue is not can they have the center there or not," said Moore.

The Girl Scouts will see their campsite back on the agenda of the July 2 city council meeting, after organized discussions with representatives from the Girl Scouts and those who live near the proposed site.