Gifts for mom go from guns to roses

One gift you may want to consider for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here and the time to get that perfect gift is running out.

Are you one of the people scrambling to find a gift for mom?

For those who wait until the last minute, flowers are the most popular purchase.

"There hot items, I would probably say are the hanging baskets, Frericks Gardens Retail and Wholesale Manager Jennifer Willing said. They're doing a lot of hanging baskets and mixed pottery pots with different kinds of flowers in them so they can have them on their patios."

Flowers are a safe bet, but maybe your mom would appreciate something more adventurous. Maybe a handgun?

"We've seen a lot more women, I think with concealed carry in Illinois, Taylor said. It TMs gone up a lot and just the popularity of the activity nationwide has increased females."

Since the law passed, GameMasters Gun Buyer Kelsey Taylor has seen many woman purchase handguns.

"The things that's nice about these for women is they're smaller in size, so they're easier for woman to handle as we have smaller hands, Taylor said. We have smaller hands than males do. They're also hammerless. So they're easier to operate and we also have some female friendly color choices here."

You can even buy accessories for your gun.

"A lot more gun companies are doing, like cases that are much more female friendly with color choices and rather than just the blacks and the tans that are more of a guy thing, Taylor said. So cases are a good thing, shooting glasses, different kinds of ammo if they want to see what works best on the gun, things like that."

Taylor says a handgun is an item every mom will cherish for a long time.

"The thing about guns is they last forever. You take care of them. You clean them. They last a long time, Taylor said. They're more like an investment, an heirloom. It's cool to say I gave that to my mom for Mother's Day and it gets passed down in the family. It's a cool thing.

The price to purchase a new pink pistol can range between 100 and 500 dollars.