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      Getting to know your garbage man

      Ryan Wand is new to Quincy's Department of Central Services. He's only been on the job for four months.

      "It's not bad, I don't mind it," Wand said. "It was a little rough at first when you're in 100 degree weather and you have to get up at 5 and you're in route by 6 and it's pretty ripe."

      Hot, cold, sleet or shine ... Wand and the other nine sanitation employees clock in every morning, five days a week.

      "What people don't realize is that these guys are out in all weather elements," Richie Reiss, director of operations at Quincy's Department of Central Services said. "Whether it be five degrees, 100 degrees, rain and snowing these guys have a job to do and we expect them to get it done."

      "I think it can be overlooked yes," Wand said. "It's not as easy as it looks, I promise."

      Central Services has three garbage trucks picking up trash on three different routes. On those routes, these guys see it all, the good, the bad and well ... the smelly.

      "Anything from a squirrel to a deer, yes a deer we pick it up and it goes in the back and goes to the landfill with us," Wand said. "It's not very much fun. They can be pretty rosey smelling, too."

      A dirty job it is but someone has to do it, and Wand doesn't mind stepping up to the plate.

      "I like it, it," Wand said. "I'm outside, it's manual labor is fine with me. I feel we do a very good service to the community, we help a lot of people."

      Wand says on his routes he often hears a thank you for doing his job. A job many of us couldn't imagine doing or smelling.