Getting the potholes filled in Northeast Missouri

Freezing temperatures at night and above freezing during the day, add in some rain or snow, and you have the perfect storm for potholes. And fixing them is keeping road crews busy.

And the Missouri Department of Transportation had their maintenance crew from their Palmyra shed out and they were taking care of potholes in the West Quincy area.

"And those two storms we had a few weeks ago was just perfect for potholes," Simon Begley said.

Begely is the maintenance supervisor for the Palmyra area.

Begley and the rest of the crew wanted to show what it takes to fill a pothole.

"So you have to clean it out, you need to put some oil in there to tack the new material down to the old surface and then you put the material in, then you pack it down to compress it to hold it in the hole," Jody Geisendorfer, the assistance maintenance supervisor for MoDOT in Palmyra said.

It takes about five minutes to fix each pothole.

There are usually two people doing the job.

MoDOT estimates it costs about $80 to repair one pothole and the state agency said if you see a pothole or if there's a concern about highway conditions, you can report the incident either online at or by calling 1-888-ASKMODOT.