Getting the dress of her dreams

Prom dress resale give girls great options for that "perfect" dress.

Picking out a prom dress is one of those special moments in a young girl's life. But today's high prices mean that some girls don't get to enjoy that moment.

Thanks to the ladies of the Palmyra First Christian Church some girls in our area are able to get the dress of their dreams without having to pay hundreds of dollars to do it.

For Palmyra mother Elaine Lochman and her sophomore daughter Hannah, the Prom Dress resale hosted by the First Christian Church couldn't have come at a better time.

"Actually I kind of came at the last minute," Elaine Lochman said. "My daughter got asked to prom just this week and I'd always said that she probably wouldn't be able to go to prom until her junior and senior year. And she said, 'If I go and buy a used prom dress can I go?' And I said, sure. And we found it in the paper that they were having this this weekend so we're here and it's lots of fun."

"Since it's my first year I knew I probably wouldn't be able to get a really expensive dress," Hannah Lochman said. "So being able to come here and still find one that I love really helped."

Started 4-years-ago, the prom dress resale was the brain child of Nancy Goellner, the fundraising chairman for the First Christian Church.

"I had daughters that had gone to prom and I had dresses hanging in my basement," Goellner said. "And I had heard about it. And we kind of talked about it at church and decided that it would be a good idea and a good opportunity for the community."

With more than 250 dresses, the event gave the girls plenty of options to choose from to find that "PERFECT" dress.

Palmyra senior Savannah Jones remembers what it was like to shop for her fist prom dress at the event last year.

"It was really cool because, like, I don't go shopping and I came here and I was like look at all the dresses i can try on," Jones said.

"We have had several people back this year that we've seen in the past," Goellner said. "I actually send out flyers to about 30 high schools in the area so we have people that drive two hours to come and check it out."

Elaine Lochman says the sale is a great alternative for families who may not have hundreds of dollars to spend on a dress.

"I think it's awesome because the people that can't really afford to go out and spend 500, 600 dollars, the dresses are real reasonable," Lochman said.

And thanks to the sale, a mother and daughter are able to share one of life's special moments together.

All the money raised will go to help the church to pay for things like painting and new carpet.