Getting stuck on the duct tape craze

      Items made by Chris Taylor using duct tape

      Duct tape fashions

      are redefining the traditional silver spool as we know it.

      Now duct tape comes in many different colors and designs and is making a big wave in the craft and fashion industry.

      We wanted to learn all about the duct tape craze, so we consulted Chris Taylor from



      Chris is a Fashion Merchandising student at

      Western Illinois University

      and is giving us the 4-1-1 on this trendy and fun craft.

      Chris often uses the

      Duck Tape

      brand, which is available at your local hardware store.

      There are some basic techniques for beginners that are important to know before you start duct taping. One of the most important skills is to understand sandwiching. Sandwiching is done by alternating duct tape horizontally and vertically until you create duct tape fabric.

      Also, making designs out of the duct tape by using a plastic or glass cutting board and razor blade, allows you to add intricate designs and creativity to all of your projects.

      For more tips and tricks on duct taping your own creations, visit Chris Taylor's Facebook page at