Get your permit, ATVs allowed on Bowling Green streets

Bowling Green residents will be allowed to take their All-terrain vehicles out into the streets ... with special permission of course.

City Administrator Dan Lang made the announcement earlier this month that the City's Board of Aldermen gave final approval on the new ordinance.

ATVs have been used in past years to push snow in severe weather and even transport residents when roads were at an impasse to cars and trucks. This time, however, it will be legal for those with a special permit.

"We're trying to be proactive because we recognize in this area of Missouri, we can have particularly severe weather. We want to make sure we're responsive to that and this provides us with yet another tool we can use to help us assist in getting the community back to where it was, should we have a major event occur in the community," Lang said.

Lang says this does not mean everyone can start riding their ATVs on the highway. This is specifically for use in times of need and volunteers.

Before now, ATV use on city streets only applied to governmental or agricultural use.

You can receive a special ATV permit for $15 at the Bowling Green City Hall.