Get ready for pricier school lunches

The price of school lunches are about to go up.

The federal government recently passed new regulations for school lunches making schools provide healthier meals. That means meals will cost more money.

The government is giving schools time to adjust, and Quincy School District officials said that they are trying to get ahead of the curve.

The school board's finance committee proposed raising the cost of a school lunch by a quarter starting in the fall.

That brings the cost of a lunch for pre-K through sixth grade to $2.00 from $1.75 and the cost for junior and senior high students to $2.25.

The district's interim business manager Rich Royalty said the hike was suggested to make the price an even amount.

Also, by raising the price, parents shouldn't see another increase in the next several years.

The finance committee knows this may generate some concern from parents.

"It's going to generate more money for us," Royalty said. "But on the other hand we are going to have more expenses next year. The fact is, the meat of it, is the federal government is telling us that we need to do this."

The full school board is expected to take a look at the fee increase at its meeting Wednesday.

In other news, the finance comittee also proposed raising the art fee for high school students.

If approved, the rate would jump from $10.00 to $15.00.