Get outside, Tri-States

You don't need us to tell you we had a long winter in the Tri-States.

This morning's Get Fit, Get Healthy Tri-States tip -- get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, especially with your kids.

We talked with a personal trainer at Advance Physical Fitness in Quincy.

Anne Rupert had some ideas on what you and your kids can do to stay active and healthy.

Rupert said, "Going for a run, get outside, air up the tires, play some tennis. Anything. Doesn't have to be great at it, just go out and do it. It's a great time to get outside in the backyard and play pitch and catch. My husband sets out an obstacle course in the backyard for the kids, and we go through the obstacle course. They're laughing and don't even realize they're working out. Anything that you like to do outdoors that can get you up and going can be great."

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