Get healthy while working

It's a pretty safe bet most people like to be healthy.

But sometimes it's hard to figure out the steps to a healthy lifestyle.

What if we told you you could more healthy at work?

That is if your employer wanted you to be more healthy.

A business called Healthtrack Wellness is trying to make that happen in the Tri-States.

Once a month or so, a wellness coach comes to the workplace. In this case it's F&M Bank in Hannibal. She meets with any staff member in the program one on one, face to face.

"I believe the one on one touch is what everyone wants right now. When someone is willing to sit down with you and say how can I help you and be healthier. That's more important than googling to see how to help yourself," says Nikki Hoyt, a corporate wellness coach.

The Healthtrack Wellness program is about more than being in shape, or losing weight. It's a program for overall wellness. The first thing the coach does for employees is implement a water program. You get a free water bottle, and start drinking more water while at work. The next step is a walking program. You're given a pedometer, split into teams, and try to walk more than the other teams.

"We have people who say even if they can't win, they want to beat so and so's team. It creates a lot of teamwork and excitement," says Hoyt.

And besides becoming healthier, it can also be good for the business.

"Our employees health is a business issue. They're productive, they are at work. If they are healthy and well, they are at work more. While at work they are more productive," says Susan Wathen with F&M Bank.

How can this program save a business money?

"We do health risk assessments of all the employees. We get a report and go to the insurance companies and negotiate their rate on how healthy or unhealthy that firm is," says Dick Minor.

Dick Minor with Trust GDC says companies can get lower premiums for their employees by showing an insurance company how healthy the staff can be. He also says some insurance companies give a five percent discount off the top for businesses who use Healthtrack Wellness.

To learn more about Healthtrack Wellness, you can call Nikki Hoyt at 217-430-1019.