Get a little "you" time at the library

Knitting is one of the most popular programs at the Quincy Public Library. One of the classes is already filled up.

The Quincy Public Library is bringing a lot to the adult table this spring.

"The thing that surprises me is that when people come in for tours or to see the library, they're surprised by all the things we do have to offer," Quincy Public Library's marketing and events coordinatoor, Ruth Cuthbertson said.

February kicks off a new set of library programs geared towards you.

"We have our Cultural Bites which deals with the Latin section of the world and then we have movies that we have every Monday and then we have our local author program," Quincy Public Library adult programmer, Rachel Peterson said. "Right now one of the most popular ones is knitting."

"Parents will come to that, bring their kids and then bring their kids over here while they look for a book or get movies or attend a program on their own," Cuthbertson said.

How much do these programs cost? Not a dime.

"All of our programs are free," Cuthbertson said. "It's a very cost effective way to get the information they want and the programs they enjoy."

Plus you get that "me" time that you need.

"We're finding that a lot of people need more than just staying at home just reading books," Peterson said. "We're finding that the library is a social gathering place and it's a way to build more community."

You can start gathering with the community right now. Most of the programs still have openings.