German TV crew puts Plainville archer in the spotlight

Randy Oitker

A Tri-State Guinness Book of World Records holder is in the limelight again, this time for German television.

Plainville man Randy Oitker is known for his outstanding skills with a bow and arrow.

He holds the record for shooting seven arrows at seven balloons ... at the same time!

This week a TV crew from Germany made the trip to get proof of his talent.

"It is very humbling cause you know when I was eight years old and I picked up a bow for the first time I never realized that it would actually come to this. You know actually be traveling the world and having people from other countries so interested in what I'm doing and have them travel such far distances to come see me," Oitker said.

Oitker says he's been sent all over the world, but he's never had a crew come across the world to see him.