Gardner Museum building generating interest from potential occupants

The Gardner Museum in Quincy is generating interest from potential new owners and lessors.

The Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County is currently accepting proposals from interested parties.

According to Justin Coffey, president of the society's Board of Directors, several potential occupants have inquired about the property at 4th and Maine in recent weeks.

Coffey said the board will consider both local and non-local interest.

"We are hoping to keep the Gardner for public use, but at this time we're considering all of our options," he said.

The HSQAC has owned the building for about 2 years, but maintenance of the facility is costing the society about $1,000 per month. Those costs were closer to $1,500 during winter months due to increased heating cost.

The Board of Directors recently decided it could not afford to maintain both the museum building and the John Wood Mansion.

Those who are interested in the property only have a few more weeks to submit a proposal.

"We are setting a deadline for May 23rd, and if you're interested, please submit a plan in writing that we will consider," Coffey added.

If you are interested in the building, you can look up the Historical Society on Facebook, or contact (217) 223-1835.

The building originally served as Quincy's city library, and became the Gardner Museum of Architecture and Design in 1974.

Currently, the building is closed due to lack of funding.