Gardener maximizes space at community garden

You've heard us report on countless stories about obesity, the economy and "going green."

This story ties all three of those topics into one.

At the beginning of the summer, KHQA's Rajah Maples showed you how several families started planting their gardens at the Quincy Community Garden.

It's located near 8th and Elm Street.

Tuesday afternoon, Rajah re-visited the site and spoke with a gardener who's using limited space to prove a point.

Gardener John Gebhardt said, "The Community Garden provided a space to plant things I can't do in my backyard."

Gebhardt has gardened since he was a child. This is his fourth year planting at this Quincy Community Garden.

Gebhardt said, "Everything's looking good this year."

But here's something a little different about his garden. It's only 3 feet wide and grows up along this fence! Everything from gourds, cucumbers, and peas to name a few. And these tomato plants don't take up much room along the fence.

He said, "what I'm trying to demonstrate is you don't need a lot of space."

And just as Rajah was interviewing Gebhardt Tuesday afternoon, the rain started to fall. Something Gebhardt and other gardeners across the Tri-States were waiting for.Rajah spoke with the horticulture coordinator with the University of Illinois Extension.

Deborah Lee told KHQA she's seen a lot of first-year gardeners this year.

Wednesday night here on KHQA, I'll show you some of the biggest problems she sees and will have some solutions to save you time and work.