Garden-variety serial killer

Recently deceased / KHQA file photo

I have a black thumb. I didn TMt inherit it. My mom had a garden that fed our family of 11 for an entire year, plus some. I cultivated my own green thumb, but I TMll be darned if I know how.

The only plant that loves me, and for which I feel affection in return, is the begonia. Hence, the 14 pots of begonias that adorn my porch and deck. I like a little color around the house, but I can only manage to keep alive those varying pink shades of a begonia.

I thought I TMd get a little crazy this year and try two hanging plants, one a mixture of something or other, a second one of what may have been petunias?? It was unrequited love at first sight. As pretty as they once were, these flowers felt no affection for me, and our relationship withered and died in the space of two days.

I TMve since assigned the task of flower tending to one of my 12-year-olds. Maybe those gardening genes skip a generation. It TMs a shame, because I love fresh vegetables. There TMs nothing better than that first BLT of the summer. That TMs why I encourage my family and friends to plant big garden, and share the harvest! ;)

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Take care ~Sarah