Game On: video gambling officially starts in Quincy

Quincy's first official video gambling machines were turned on Wednesday at the

Tangerine Bowl

Last year the City Council approved a measure allowing video gaming machines in some Quincy businesses.

Manager Jerry Ulrich decided to put two of the machines in his business.

He applied in August but it wasn't until December that the business got the go ahead for the machines.

Since the maximum you can bet at a machine is two dollars at a time, Jerry hopes to see his profits coming from increased business in the bar and restaurant.

"We're hoping to see a profit from them buying a beverage while they're playing it or maybe a sandwich or something like that. Maybe getting a big group of people together taking turns playing and their all buying beverages and food," Ulrich said.

The machines are controlled by satellite from Springfield and are only on from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. each day.

The machines have put a smile on at least one customers face, Jerry says that a young man playing the penny machine won 24 dollars Wednesday.

See the official state ordinance