'Gallon Smashing' social media craze hits the Tri-States


An attempt to mimic a viral video craze led to charges against four juveniles and an adult in Hannibal.

You may have heard of memes like "lolcats," "planking" and more recently the "Harlem Shake."

Prepare yourself: "Gallon Smashing" is here.

Videos of young men purposefully slipping in stores while smashing gallons of milk have picked up steam on viral video web sites.

Officers with the Hannibal Police Department arrested four juveniles and one adult last Friday for property damage.

The suspects were involved in orchestrated events in which they removed containers of milk or other liquid products from store shelves and then purposely fell causing the containers to break on the floor, Lt. John Zerbonia said in a press release Wednesday.

The events were videotaped by the suspects and posted to social media sites including YouTube.

Four stores were victimized locally and have pressed charges, according to the release.

The police department wants to make retail establishments aware of these incidents and encourage them to report suspicious activity to law enforcement.