Gallery Solaro brings the Oscars to Quincy

Gallery Solaro in Quincy rolled out the red carpet - literally - on Sunday.

The art gallery hosted an Academy Awards watch party that aimed to re-create Hollywood.

Guests wore tuxedos and gowns and could even have their picture snapped on the red carpet. Some guests also went home with an Oscar of their own, as awards were handed out to guests in several categories.

Gallery owner Liz Solaro hopes to make an annual tradition of the party due to a big turnout Sunday night.

The party also helped raise funds for an art scholarship that will be given to a local artist.

"We want to support the arts and we thought this would be a good way to fund-raise, and I was surprised at how many people wanted to come. We had about 100 respondents, and even because of the weather, we only had about 10 cancellations," Solaro said.

Angelo Joseph, also known as AJ 47, was the featured artist that will receive the scholarship. His art was on display throughout the gallery on Sunday. Joseph is currently a student at Quincy University and will graduate in May.

You may have seen some of his work - he created several murals around the area, including the one at 8th and Jefferson in Quincy.

Joseph says the scholarship will help him reach his goals as an artist.

"I want to do murals all over the world, I'm starting here in Quincy but I want to teach people, too. My ultimate goal is to be a teacher, teach people how to make murals, and show them that they can make their own environments and neighborhoods by creating art," Joseph said.

To see more of Joseph's art, visit his website here.

To learn more about Gallery Solaro, click here.