Gallery 310 full of color once more

Grand reopening of Gallery 310 Saturday night.

A Hannibal business is back open Saturday after 5 months of reconstruction.

Straight lines winds on May 20 destroyed Groomingdale's Pet Boutique which collapsed onto Gallery 310, off Main Street.

The roof caved in on the business leaving quite the mess to clean up. Gallery 310 lost about 10 percent of its artwork during that storm.

Saturday, its owners held an open house for visitors, who were quick to notice artwork salvaged from the damage.

"I'm glad to have the artists back. It's an asset to the downtown to be here because Hannibal is trying to become an art community. This is just a cog in the wheel to becoming that art community," Joe Noonan, the building's owner said.

Noonan says the building was originally built in 1836 and was rebuilt after a 1973 flood. He said the building wouldn't be standing after that May storm if it hadn't been rebuilt in '73.