Gaining headway as the U.S. celebrates 22 years of ADA

The American with Disabilities Act has been on the books since 1990 and today, the West Central Illinois Center For Independent Living celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the ADA.

Mayor John Spring honored the center for their work in the community by reading a proclamation at the celebration.

Also the director of the WCICIL, Glenda Hackemack, honored the Quincy Public Library with the Accessible Business Award and Amelia Russell from Carthage with honored with the annual Bumble Bee Award.

Hackemack said over the years, the ADA has been able to allow more people to enter the workforce, who before 1990 maybe wouldn't have been able to do that.

"I think there's been huge progress that's been going on. We have businesses and organizations in this community along that have made great accommodations and modifications. The businesses are hiring more and more people that are disabled. Which 22 years ago we never saw happen. So that's a huge step because part of the center for independent livings goal, is so people with disabilities can be independent in their life," Hackemack said.

According to the WCICIL, their estimates show that there are about 4,000 people living in Adams County who suffer from some sort of disability.