Fuzzy friends get a check up

Photo Credit: Photo by Justen Arnold

For a young child, a hospital or doctor's office can be a scary place.

The Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing helped to ease those fears today by putting area children's fuzzy little friends up to the needle.

It's all part of the 20th annual Teddy Bear Clinic, where children brought their favorite stuffed animal or toy in to get a check up.

This interactive event helped children realize the importance of good health and become familiar with the hospital and medical equipment.

Each stuffed toy was registered, received a hospital identification band, and visited 6 different medical play stations including weight, height, dental, nutrition and hygiene.

"I think it's great for a 4 year old mother, I know that bringing him to the docotor is very intimidating and scary and to bring him here with his little stuffed animal I think it makes it easier for him," said Julie Richmiller mother of Jackson, her 4 year old son.

Other activities included face painting, tours of area emergency vehicles, and the Quincy Police Department offered a presentation of Max, the K-9 unit dog.