Future unknown for building damaged in fatal crash

Quincy officials say it's up to building owners to decide whether to demolish a building damaged in a fatal crash last week on Quincy's south side.

The city determined that the Crossing Thrift Store building at 8th and Adams streets is structurally sound and poses no immediate threat to the public.

"The owners' local representative was good at getting it boarded up and secured," Quincy building inspector Mike Seaver said. "There's not a concern that it will collapse."

Matthew Fulmer, 30, of 1033 Ohio St., Quincy, died shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday after he crashed his truck into building. Adams County Coroner Jim Keller hasn't released an official cause of death for Fulmer who died at the scene.

The building's owners are listed as Drew and Lorenzo Payan of Ventura, Calif. The out-of-state owners hired a local company to manage the property. The building housed second-floor apartments and two commercial business properties on the first level.

"We'll be patient as they make their determination, but from a structural standpoint, it's not imperative for them to tear it down," Seaver said.