Future uncertain for 24th and Broadway in Quincy

The City of Quincy issued a demolition permit for two properties near 24th and Broadway

Change is coming to the southeast corner of 24th and Broadway in Quincy, but that's about all the city knows at this point.

The City of Quincy issued a demolition permit for the former Associated Bank and Daylight Donuts buildings. That demolition is underway.

According to City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer, the lots are owned by Mike Quagliano, who has other developments in Quincy.

Bevelheimer says he has not spoken with Quagliano about his plans for the lots, however, there are certain restrictions for what can be built there.

"The property is zoned Commercial C1B which allows retail commercial uses. It does not allow alcohol- and auto repair-type facilities, so a bar or something like that can't go there, an automobile sales lot can't go there but most other retails can, most office uses can," he said.

"I wouldn't be surprised to see a high-traffic use go in there, but to tell you what that would be, it's hard to say right now," he added.

Bevelheimer also said the demolition will better prepare the lots for development, making them 'shovel-ready' and more attractive to potential new businesses.