Future Quincy firefighters put to the test

Future firefighters have a chance to prepare for their entrance test this week.

John Wood Community College is hosting a one-day training session on Saturday, April 13. Trainees can experience a written and physical agility course about a month before the actual test date.

Assistant Fire Chief Tom Bentley says about 130 people have registered for the entrance exam on Saturday, May 11. That number will be cut in half after the written exam portion. Those left will move on to the physical test.

The course entails a ladder pull, opening and closing a fire hydrant, a hose drag and ladder move. The trainees will also take part in a simulation where they'll sledge their way through the roof of a building and then crawl through an attic space. A mock rescue will also take place accompanied by a dummy drag.

Quincy Firefighter Jerry Mast said this course will definitely help prepare future firefighters for the test.

"Anytime you can do things before you actually have to do it for the real test is going to help your time. You're going to be a little more calm about the situation, understand what's coming up, what's next, where you need to practice. So it just gives them an opportunity to run through it first," Mast said.