Future blurry for Hull Elementary

Students across the Tri-States are starting to head back to school, but nobody is heading to Hull Elementary School.

A school district consolidation after last school year has left that school empty and without a clear future use.

The Western School Board wants to sell it, but there is some controversy over what it will be used for after the sale.

KHQA's Jarod Wells headed to the Village of Hull Friday, August 20th to find out what residents want to see done with the building.

This will be the first year that Hull Elementary School is not full of kids. Those students now go to school in Barry. The future of this building remains to be seen. There's been talks of turning it into a halfway house. Other options include a day care or a charter school. When Jarod ran those ideas past the citizens of Hull, the reaction he got was very mixed.

No one Jarod spoke to was comfortable commenting on camera, but this is what they told him off camera. Reactions were split 50/50. The first couple he talked to said they would have no problem with having a halfway house in the village. They would rather have a daycare, but if it came down to it they wouldn't feel any less safe with the halfway house. Then he talked to a grandfather who agreed. He said he sees no issues as long as the village would make money off the halfway house.

Then Jarod talked to a single mother of a 16 year old who lives right in front of the building. She said she would not be against the halfway house. She was concerned for the safety of the people near the building and would much rather see a day care.

Finally he talked to another grandfather who is raising his two grandchildren. He opposed the consolidation and the closing of the school. He says if the building is turned into a halfway house, he will move his family out of Hull.

One thing is clear though. Everyone Jarod talked with says something needs to happen with the building soon. They don't want to see it just sit vacant.

The school board has considered selling the property to the village, but the mayor says the city can't afford it and has no use for it.