Furnace 101 when the power goes out

Tips to get your furnace running if your power goes out.

Whether you have an electric or gas furnace, there are some things you should and should not do when it comes to your furnace.

Hannibal BPW

Director of Operation Heath Hall says that In these cold temperatures it may take longer than you expect to get your power back on.

"The time that it takes to restore power is gonna be longer when conditions are difficult to drive in, " says Hall. " So make precautions, stay inside, stay warm."

Whether you have a gas or electric furnace, Dennis Bunch with

Peters Heating and Air Conditioning

in Hannibal says the first thing to check on is your thermostat.

"Go to your thermostat and see if this light's on then you know that your power is to your furnace," says Bunch. " Then all you have to do if you lost ground is take the mode button and bring it back up."

Bunch also says not to open your furnace door.

"The door doesn't need to come off that's not your problem, " says Bunch. "There's a switch on the side of the furnace, down over here, leave those alone. Anything downstairs we probably need to leave those alone. Or where your furnace is located."

The same applies to your breaker box.

"If the breakers are still on they're all going to be either left or right, towards the center, " says Bunch. " They're on. This is not the problem again. It's the power company that's lost power to your house."

"If a breaker is thrown, it's gonna go this way, " says Bunch. " Or if a breaker just starts to throw and you know the label just says furnace, then you throw that off and then throw it back on and that should bring your furnace on."

For people with gas furnaces Bunch has one more piece of advice regarding your flu pipe.

"They need to stay clear all the time," says Bunch. " Versus snow covered, birds nests and stuff like that. As long as they are clear, the furnace will work."

Dennis Bunch says that if your furnace still doesn't come back on or you are uncomfortable around the breaker box, it's best to call you HVAC who can figure out what's wrong with your furnace.