Ft. Madison YMCA receives donation from new neighbor

The Fort Madison YMCA received a donation from their new neighbor Iowa Fertilizer Company.

The IFC gave $15,000 to the YMCA's match donation program.

The president of IFC, Shawn Rana, says it's time to support an organization that supports the community.

"Well our employees, myself included we live and work in this area and these communities, the Fort Madison YMCA has a strong a proud history supporting this area as well and we want to be apart of that," Rana said.

The YMCA is trying to raise $23,020 for facility upgrades.

The Southeast Iowa Regional Riverboat Commission will match what the YMCA raises.

The Y has the potential to have more than $46,000 to update their facility with SIRCC's donation.

"We're looking to updating some flooring within our facility again our facility is 39 years old from when the building was built then so we're looking at some main hallways, looking at flooring in the wellness center weight rooms," Ryan Wilson, Executive Director for the Fort Madison YMCA said.

It will also replace the floor in the upstairs aerobics studio.

Wilson says the floor is at least 10-years-old.

Replacing the floor will allow the studio to become a multi-purpose room.

They can offer more classes like Zumba.

The upgrades will also allow the Y to reduce its carbon footprint.

"We have the old halogen lights that took forever to heat up, not efficient to turn off turn on couple times a day so we started that in 2013 and were just moving forward trying to be more green more efficient," Wilson said. But he also says this wouldn't be possible without the support of others.

"Again we're just fortunate to have people, organizations like IFC to step up and donate to our organization and you they must see we're doing something right" Wilson said.