Ft. Madison hoping to address bullying while students are young

Every day, 160,000 students across the country skip school because they're being bullied, according to the National Education Association.

The Fort Madison School District tackled the issue of bullying Thursday, October 28th.

The presentation was a little unusual, but had a strong message.

Kevin Horner uses illusions, ventriloquism and humor to reach out to kids about bullying.

Horner said, "Any time that I use humor, I'm using it to set up a serious point."

One of the serious points he gets to is his own personal experiences with bullying.

Horner said, "I had a situation where I was actually chased into a street when I was younger, I got hit by a car. I was in a body cast for about 18 months."

Kevin Horner's say his presentation is meant to move students from belief to experience.

Horner said, "So that kids can feel, know what it feels like to be a target or victim of being bullied. I think if a child can realize what somebody feels like that's being victimized or bullied, my experience has been that, that makes a big difference in their school and their community."

"But you can't get out of being bullied by yourself. It takes all of us together. We want to make sure that we report it when we see it or when we hear it," Horner said.

Horner said, "Befriend someone that's being isolated or left out and speak up for those who won't speak up for themselves. Report it safely to a trusted adult or teacher, principal or to the authorities."

Kevin Horner works in conjunction with the Kansas Bullying Prevention Program.

He speaks at schools in several different states.