Ft Madison gets go ahead for new school

(Ft. Madison, Ia.) The Fort Madison school district has been given the green light on a new school.

The school board approved a resolution on Monday to construct a $19 million school for grades four through eight.

The new facility will be built on 98 acres of district owned land at 48th and Bluff road.

It will have one wing for fourth, fifth and sixth and a second wing for seventh and eight graders.

With the new facility Denmark Elementary and the Middle School will close. Those are the two buildings that have been found to have the most issues.

"We have kids at the middle school crammed into rooms that are not in any way adequate. The building is dictating the programming in that building. We have new regula t ions from the state and some areas that we're going to have a great deal of trouble complying with just because of space needs," said School Board President Judy Gerdes.

And the best part of the new facility, it will come at no cost to property tax payers.

It will come completely from the one cent sales tax.

Gerdes says a group will be put together to talk about priorities in the next month.

Those will go to the DLR group to make designs.

She is hopeful to break ground around April and be in the new facility by 2012.