Ft. Madison celebrates with 'oldest Fourth of July kiddie parade in the USA'

The annual Charlie Korschgen parade kicked off in Fort Madison, Iowa this Fourth of July.

The annual parade is celebrating its 102nd anniversary, and was dubbed "the oldest Fourth of July kiddie parade in the USA" by American Magazine.

"It was started in 1912 by a man named Charlie Korschgen who thought the neighborhood kids should have fun on the Fourth of July and show their patriotism," event coordinator Jan Garza said.

Hundreds of people lined the street to get a glimpse of children walking, marching, and strolling down Avenue G.

"We love our country and we love our children and we want them to grow up to love our country," Garza said.

Peyton Brewer was one of hundreds of kids to walk in the parade. Unlike most of the kids, Brewer rode the streets of Fort Madison on his dirt bike, sporting a fresh red, blonde and blue dye job to his hair.

Brewer was also excited for fireworks later that night.

Charlie Korschgen was a railroad worker, and started the parade with nothing but a drum. He walked down the streets of Fort Madison when kids joined him marching behind.