From the press to your door: How the Hannibal Courier-Post is created

Hannibal Courier-Post editor Mary Lou Montgomery works for KHQA's Cameraman Mark.

Work to bring you your morning newspaper begins long before it hits your door.

A dummy sheet arrives in the newsroom the day before showing the layout of the ad space and content. That gives newsroom staff like Hannibal Courier-Post editor Mary Lou Montgomery an idea of how much news content will fit within these pages.


Some days I have ten pages to fill; some days I have 14 pages to fill,

" Montgomery said.

Staff writers fill it with news from around the nation and the community, but for Montgomery it's all about keeping her thumb on the pulse of the community.

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I want people to feel emotion when they see our newspaper," Montgomery explained. "I want them to feel lik


this is their newspaper. So we write st


ries about real people. That's how you come up with stories. You talk to people because everyone has a story.


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Once the news content is completed, it's transformed into films and burned onto aluminum plates. Those plates are inserted into the press by staff like press supervisor Robert Romeo. Click here to watch more on how films and plates are burned from KHQA This Morning.

Romeo and other staff start up the press and then continuously monitor the printed papers. Click here to learn more about the monitoring process in the pressroom. Romeo and others constantly adjust colors and focus on the machines to ensure every picture and word is the way it should be.

"You look and see if the colors are coming out right," Romeo said. "It's like a big puzzle."

Romeo and other pressmen at the Hannibal Courier-Post print four different area newspapers, including the Macon Chronicle and the Kirksville Daily Express. After the press is run, other staff members "fly" the papers, which consists of stacking and bundling the newest editions for delivery.

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The press room goes through 75 rolls of paper, or 22 tons a month.

The Hannibal Courier-Post is printed at midnight and reaches about 10,000 readers every morning.

For Romeo, there's nothing like a warm newspaper to wrap up his day.

"It's a nice accomplishment at the end of the day when it prints out nice," Romeo said.

While there's something always going on here for the paper edition, newspapers like the Hannibal Courier-Post are always working - electronically.

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"The newspaper business itself is not dying out, but media in general is an ever-changing industry and we change with it," Jessica Spurgeon, Hannibal Courier-Post General Manager said.

So whether you flip through or click to your news, there's no business like the news business. Just ask the folks here at the Hannibal Courier-Post.