From Paris to Nashville

Have you ever had that moment when you're minding your own business and you hear a song you haven't heard in a long time?

Bam! It instantly takes you back in time.

Maybe it's a happy memory, a sad one, or makes you think of someone special.

Writing a song like that is a songwriter's goal.

And a Tri-State native is working hard to get on your radio and into your head with her music.

Becky Blackaby and her band performed live this week on KHQA This Morning's Party on the Patio. Becky hails from Paris, Missouri. Her band from 112 miles away in Milan, Missouri. They first got together in 2009 and began performing together a year later.

I first met Becky in 2007. She was in an online contest for CMT. She made it four rounds in on the fan voted contest before she came to the end of the line. In 2008, she started making the rounds in Nashville hoping to land a record deal.

"Yeah. That's what I love to do. I feel very comfortable entertaining and singing. That's what I love," Blackaby said.

There's something else Becky loves. And that's writing music. Not only does she find it as a stress relief, she also knows it helps out in Nashville. She says it helps establish her as a serious contender to be on your radio.

"It's hard to get your hands on a hit," Blackaby said.

Becky says while it's not completely unheard of, the chance of a newbie being handed a hit song in Nashville is unlikely. That's why she hopes to pen her own hit that gets her noticed.

"Trying to write as much as I can," Blackaby said.

Becky admits writing is hard and it's very personal because most times she gets inspiration from real life.

"I think that's what makes a really good song. You have to be honest. I think being honest and doing it in a classy way ... that's what's hard," Blackaby explained.

But she's more than up for the challenge. Becky already has a couple writing sessions set up later this year in Nashville. While she's in music city, she usually tries to find time to perform, hoping that right person is in the audience.

"It's kind of God's will." Blackaby said.

Becky is also a Speech and Language Pathologist at two schools in Monroe County.

She does have an EP available on her website, and at her shows she plays around the area.

You can find more about Becky Blackaby at her website