From Mount Sterling to Music City

KHQA followed the group from Mount Sterling to Music City to see what's next for the band.

Local music group Madd Hoss Jackson is doing quite a bit of moving and shaking these days ... not just on stage.

The group is on the brink of a big announcement.

It's looking for a record deal in Nashville.

KHQA followed the group from Mount Sterling to Music City to see what's next for the band.

Jim, Matt, Andy and Mark make up Madd Hoss Jackson. They were in Nashville late last week doing a photo shoot for their new CD. The CD has seven tracks on it and has already been recorded. The next step is finding a record label to sign the group.

"My intention when I started this band was to make making music my living," Andy Ham said.

"We don't care what level we do it at, we just want to do it for a living," Jim Jennings said.

And the band is getting close.

Fred Vail is the owner operator of Treasure Isle Studios in Nashville. He's helping Madd Hoss Jackson get to the next level.

"Fred is going to be taking our CD to record labels. He'll have the first meeting with the label, and we'll start to hear what people think of it. The people that matter. What they're looking for. If we've presented a product that is professional enough to be picked up and for us to get a record deal," Ham explained.

Jim Jennings is the drummer for the band. He says it's hard to comprehend getting paid for doing this professionally. He's seen the crowds at the concerts grow, and the band travels throughout five states now.

"This is all I've been shooting for since I was in high school," Matt Bullard said.

All four guys are married and they all have kids. Their music takes them away from home more than 100 days a year.

"I have two little girls at home. I have a four-year-old and a newborn baby. It's rough on my wife a lot of times because I'm leaving home on the weekends and I work late nights at my other job. Sometimes that's taxing on her," Mark Behymer admitted.

All the guys say their wives are very supportive of the band's attempts to go national. When it comes down to it, the band feels very confident that they can make a living making music. How far they'll go, it's up to them, and a little bit of right place, right time.

The band has given their CDs to several radio stations in the five states in which they tour.

You can hear it locally on KICK FM in Quincy and WJVO in Jacksonville.

Listen to snipets of the CD here.