From high school to warehouse

Dot Foods is making its way through local high schools this month looking for high school recruits.

The High School to Warehouse recruitment program is in its third year, offering jobs to students immediately after graduation.

Dot Foods hopes to hire 30 students, a number that continues to grow every year.

Graduates are considered full-time at Dot Foods when working three to four days a week. With this status, they can also become eligible for tuition reimbursement, incentive-based pay, insurance, bonuses and profit sharing, as well as advancement opportunities.

Christina Crandall, a Dot Foods recruiter in Illinois says two-thirds of current Dot managers were promoted within the company.

Career opportunities at Dot Foods include warehouse, transportation, sales, marketing, purchasing, accounting, human resources, information technology and training.

Graduates looking for a job with Dot Foods must have a high school diploma or GED.

Would you or your child consider going into the workforce after graduating from high school?