From demolition to your living room: John Michael Originals Furniture Company

We all hate to see historic buildings come down, even if they need to. At John Michael Originals Furniture Company in Hannibal...pieces of historic structures get a new life.

From old doors to staircase spindles, craftsmen create furniture with reclaimed lumber and salvaged architectural pieces from demolished old buildings. Take a tour around the shop . Owner Mike Moore began the business out of his garage back in 2001 and never looked back. Now he has a shop with six employees.

Making beautiful furniture from things like this takes creativity and vision.

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Moore said, "You look at it here and you can tell these are actual doors out of a house. So we buy an enormous amount of doors."

In fact his storehouse holds more than 2000 of them; saved from a landfill and remade into cabinets and other furniture pieces.

Moore said, "Here's a spandrella. We're always striving to find interesting pieces like this."

Moore says most of them come from real life "pickers," the occupation made famous by reality shows on the history channel.

Moore's furniture is marketed in the Southern United States as well as Canada.

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No matter if it's a kitchen island or a jelly cabinet, these creations come from keeping historic pieces like this out of the trash.

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