Frese makes House run official

Randy Frese, left, is debates with State Sen. John Sullivan during the 2012 general election.

He fell off the proverbial campaign horse last year, and now he's ready to dust himself off and get back on the trail.

Randy Frese announced his candidacy for Illinois' 94th District Thursday morning.

The seat is being vacated by Jil Tracy who is running for Lieutenant Governor.

Frese, a Republican, ran unsuccessfully for State Senate last year.

He's also served eight years as the Adams County Circuit Clerk.

Before that, he was a business owner and has an agriculture background.

He says he's had a fire burning inside for awhile to help the state of Illinois, and his loss last year certainly didn't extinguish it.

"I'm just tired of seeing Illinois the butt of jokes. We have governors serving prison time. We have a tremendous amount of debt. We have the worst funded pension system in the United States. We have the worst managed state in the United States, and I just can't tolerate it," Frese said.

Frese's top three priorities if elected are more of a focus on keeping and growing jobs in Illinois, education funding, and putting people first and legislators second.

He also says he is a fan of term limits, and says he would not serve more than eight years.