Freedom? 1990s murder conviction overturned for local man

Mark Woodworth was 16 when he was accused of murder.

A former Adams County man convicted of murder more than 20 years ago wants the Missouri Attorney General off his case.

Mark Woodworth was 16 when he was accused of shooting Catherine Robertson, the wife of his father's farming partner as she slept in her home near Chillicothe in 1990.

Since then he's been convicted twice of the crime and is serving a life sentence.

In January the Missouri Supreme Court overturned his conviction, saying former state prosecutor Kenny Hulshof failed to share evidence that could have benefited Woodworth's defense. The ruling followed a similar conclusion by a Boone County judge who also recommended review by an independent prosecutor.

The court ordered Woodworth released unless prosecutors decide to retry him. Later that same day, a spokeswoman said Attorney General Chris Koster intends to retry Woodworth.

However now Mark Woodworth is asking the high court to prevent Attorney General Chris Koster from putting him on trial for a third time. Woodworth's lawyer has filed a motion seeking that independent review or allowing the Livingston County prosecutor to decide whether to file new charges.

Woodworth was 16-years-old at the time of Robertson's death. He lived near their rural Chillicothe home, and his father had farmed with the Robertsons.