Free lunch for anyone under 18

Children getting free lunch at Central Elementary School.

More than half of the students in Central School District receive free or reduced price lunch during the school year.

Now any child under 18 years of age can get a free, balanced lunch over the summer.

"We are on the lower end of the income, and this helps a lot. Anybody can come. Its free, it's great food, balanced meals," Karin Hull, a parent who brought her kids out, said.

Hull's two daughters were just a couple of the dozen children who showed up at Central Elementary Wednesday. Any child, regardless of their family's income or where they live, can get a free hot lunch at every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through August 3rd.

"I think it'll help out the kids who maybe don't always get a good meal during the summer because their moms are busy or other situations," Angela Haschemeyer said. She brought her son out at the recommendation of her mother, who is the cook.

"This is some small way that we can help address those hunger needs in the community," Scott Thompson explained.

Thomspon is a community organizer with the Illinois Coalition for Community Services. He was happy to see this kind of program in a rural community. Often times, even when the need is there, the funding is hard to come by.

"Anytime you can bring resources in to help people in a rural community, you need to take advantage of it," Thomspon said.

Dorothy Obert, who is a volunteer food server, said,"It seems like the big cities like Quincy get all the funding and out in the rural communities we go wanting a little bit."

Now that the funding is in place to serve free meals in Camp Point, these organizers want you remember one thing. "We make no assumptions about these kids when they come through the door. We just want to feed the kids," Thompson said.